May 12, 2012

20 years of Mother’s days

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19 years ago I spent my first Mother’s day overly pregnant. My first-born was due on the 5th, it was the 9th and he started arriving on the 11th. It is 2 am here and now on the 12th, in 2012, and at this point 19 years ago I was about an hour into pushing and counting to 10. During those (what seemed like) futile pushes, my husband and I jokingly said that at least this kid will be born knowing how to count to 10, he has heard it so often. My nearly 11 pound bouncing baby bundle of all boy joy finally got here after almost 5 more hours of pushing, suction that was futile due to a full head of gorgeous black hair, forceps, and an intern going in up to her elbows (or so it seemed from my angle) and helping our battered and bruised first-born arrive to the anesthesiologist proclaiming the Bears were going to be calling any minute to sign him up (that jerk is another post all on his own, but I am in too good of a mood right now) and my son, he is fantastic at math, who knew!
I never dreamed I’d be spending his 19th birthday with him opening his presents in the car before taking him to lunch to celebrate in the town where he is away at school. I won’t be spending this Mother’s day with him, finals loom, and while I am okay with that; it got me to thinking how the importance of this Hallmark holiday has evolved for me over the past 20 years. That first one as an expectant mom I couldn’t wait to just see and hold my first child and on the eve of my twentieth I am beginning to see the kind of man he will be, is becoming. His brother is on the cusp of young adulthood, starting to consider colleges even farther away, and it dawns on me that my Mother’s days of grubby kisses and exuberant hugs, handmade cards with homemade craft presents are over. Mother’s day, for the very first time, is going to mean a phone call (or more likely a text) from an adult son who is busy living his life apart from mine. Now in all honesty, as I sit here at 2:22 am and type that out I am tearing up and there is an honest to goodness lump in my throat, but I couldn’t be happier. As much as 20 years ago, I never wanted to let him go and I was thrilled a few years later when he changed his mind about joining the army because he found out I wouldn’t be coming with, I could not possibly be any happier. This Mother’s day, I can see that the result is so worth the journey. Happy Mother’s day, whatever number this one is for you, I have found they just keep getting better.

And even more importantly, Happy Birthday Mitch!  I couldn’t have done any of the last 20 Mother’s days without you and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Best late Mother’s day present ever…!

PSA of the day:   You guessed it , go call (or text or twitter even) your mom or an important woman in your life, you’ll make her day.