January 2, 2013

Nancy Drew Blue

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:37 am by whatsupwiththat

Bear with me while I attempt something that I think, if I can accomplish, will be pretty…neat.

I was laying in bed this morning in the wee hours of dawn and could sense my husband was awake as well so I left my warm, comfy side of our bed and snuggled up behind him to spoon.  As is my habit I found my favorite hand warmer and I had his full attention in the palm of my hand.  I like to think I know the right buttons to push and areas to tickle and tease so I went at it and was rewarded with pleasant sighs and the usual happy finish.  But what I find so intriguing is this; because of my abdomen being flush against my husband’s back I was keenly aware of 12-16 muscle contractions or surges and I am typically only aware of 8, if I had to guess.  So I asked my dearest after clean up had occurred and we were settling back into our bed if before any expulsion happens are there preliminary pumps and he said , of course, and I learned something new.

So I wanted to share  my learning experience but in such a way as to not attract any people searching for adult material.  I think I did it.  I hope it doesn’t offend anyone and I can promise sharing such information is not going to be a regular on this blog.

I realize this has nothing to do with Nancy Drew but when I discuss adult topics with my husband I try to keep it as clean as possible and he has referred to how I put things as  how it would be if Nancy Drew went blue.



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