January 1, 2013

New Year … New Habits… New Results

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:11 am by whatsupwiththat

As a kid I always liked the number 13. I felt sorry for it because everyone thought of it as unlucky and I remember thinking how can the first year of being a teenager be so bad? And it wasn’t. I enjoyed being 13 even with the bad perms, dorky 80’s big rimmed glasses and braces I sported and my ineptitude at handling friendships.
I really don’t want to make traditional resolutions, I only feel bad when I break them, so I am going to strive to do some things differently in 2013 and hope they become lifelong habits. The main goal that pertains to this blog is writing more and in doing so I am relatively sure you, dear reader, will glean from my posts what the other changes I am implementing are. See you soon!

PSA of the day *Just DO it*
(Nike will understand my plagerism, it is just too good of a slogan to be kept only for sportswear ads!)


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