April 27, 2012

Open letter to Verizon executives

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:14 pm by whatsupwiththat

Thank you! A few days ago the slow obliteration of the landline department in the northeastern IL office my husband works out of was halted and is rumored to be under consideration. I am praying that you look very carefully at what is going on in the landline industry and realize that your bottom line, while being very important, is not the only thing being greatly affected by the move away from traditional landline phone systems. I cannot imagine that you cannot see the business contracts that could be kept and cultivated by being one of the only major phone companies supporting the antiquated phone systems in the present economy. Many businesses need to nurse these old systems along and would be very grateful to remain your customer for years to come. Eventually, either due to an upswing in the economy or the inevitable realization that the age of their phone system and lack of support available to continue it as a viable option, I would imagine you will be able to convert them over to wireless business line systems and continue to keep their business and loyalty. You do see that a quick profit is not always as desirable as a solid business relationship and there are also all the employees and families to consider that you will be keeping employed and off of unemployment. I realize there is a lot more to the situation than the very basic picture I have painted and I also realize the union angle is difficult as well. But please while you are reconsidering the downsizing and/or ultimate removal of the branch my husband and so many others work in, I am literally begging you to see the whole picture and not just the bottom line. Thanks for reading and hopefully taking into consideration my plea.


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