December 17, 2011

Christmas Dilemma

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I LOVE sending out our Christmas cards. I agonize over finding just the right card and have the best time legally allowed planning and executing the yearly Christmas themed photo of the boys. Alas this year I am dragging my feet. I took the few photos that my camera-shy 15 yr old would allow at Thanksgiving and due to a craptastic camera and little to no preplanning, surprise, surprise they turned out not so good. So I did the next best thing which is cropped their heads from each of their best shots and elffed them up! I have capture shots from some of the better Office Max  backgrounds to choose from and I have 2 links that I find absolutely hilarious and have actually laughed so hard while viewing them that I may have peed my pants just a little. That’s how funny and apropos (sp?) they are and NO, having 2 over 10 lb infants has absolutely nothing to do with the sneezing and laughing incontinence that can occur. It is just how my bladder chooses to share in the glee…..and sneezing.
Now you would think the afore-mentioned incontinence would be my dilemma but sadly it is not even a blip on my radar at this point, that is how much I take it for granted that it is just part of my life. No my dilemma is that as cute and funny the capture shots are, I really want to share the links to the 2 best songs from the Elf Yourself site and I am delusional enough to think that everyone I send a christmas card to will rush to their computer to see the boys humiliated for their mother’s enjoyment. Why I asked my husband for feedback on this is beside the point but he insists that I should include a line about emailing me for the link and just leave it at that. I think I should include the links with the photos and cut out me being the middle man. I mean really I think our relatives are much more likely to enter the link if they have it right there in front of them, and not at all likely to email me to get it, wait for me to reply and then click on the link. I wish I had emails for all the people I snail mail cards to but I don’t. So while I am probably going to go ahead and do it my way and include the link in the cards and not wait to see how few people ask for the link through email I am wondering what YOU think would be the best course to take.
Perhaps I have thought about this long enough while typing this post that the best solution has come to me…like an epiphany of sort, tis the season after all. I can include the links and the option of emailing me for a clickable link if that’s what they prefer. BINGO! I would still love to know what you think and have included the links for your laughing and tinkling enjoyment.

PSA of the day~ Get your depends on and watch these!

If you only have time for one go for the second one.  It is pee-tastic!


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