August 11, 2011

Bert and Ernie. leave them alone!

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:08 pm by whatsupwiththat

I grew up with Sesame Street. One of my first crushes was on Bob, I was so jealous of those little girls that actually were told how to get to Sesame St. and got to talk to Bob. Oh yeah and the muppets too, of course. But I digress, I loved how goofy Ernie was and thought Bert was a stick in the mud. But never did I pick up on a gay vibe! Of course this is coming from the observant gal who as a preteen had my first major crush on a guy who treated me like his little sister and I was devastated. Fast forward to the Facebook age and without stating it outright I can now see he prefers men. I asked a guy I hung out with as a friend to my Junior prom where we had the best time dancing together, all night and I was upset he didn’t lean in for a kiss goodnight. Another friend clued me in when she gushed on and on about the only reason she asked him to her prom was because of the dancing. Admittedly my gaydar may be broken and and that doesn’t bother me because who cares! So it is possible Bert and Ernie are and equally as possible that they aren’t. What gets me is a group of people who did not come up with their concept and have an agenda of their own (I’m looking at you have decided to out them (whether they are right or not doesn’t seem to matter) and insist on a civil union. I greatly admire that is promoting being comfortable with your own sexuality and the choices of others. They have helped a lot of young people (and old as well I’m sure) find a voice and feel part of a larger group and less isolated. I am all for that but I fail to see how forcing their belief that 2 characters on a children’s show are gay and seeking a civil union between them is helping their cause. To me it makes them seem like they are bullying Bert and Ernie and isn’t that what they are fighting against?


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