March 23, 2011

In my own defense

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I am kicking procrastination’s butt! No, really, I am! I am getting lots done and every list I make gets almost everything crossed off it and whatever I haven’t done I move to the top of the next day’s list and get it done then… usually…except for one item that keeps geting put on the next list, in fact it has been on every list I have made since my last post. Any guesses as to what it could be?
That’s right Suzy Q! (my go to female imaginary student name when I was teaching sixth grade, the boy name changed a lot but a favorite was Barnaby Jones, but I digress, NOT procrastinate, the 2 are quite different but that is another post, kind of like the one I need to write about how I am the Queen of run-on sentences and what I think that means. And yes I did mention I taught sixth grade but I never allowed my sentences free rein while performing my duties as an educator.) Ahem! I have not yet taken after pix of my clean office and posted them with the before pix I have taken and written that post. So sue me! To make that happen I still need to read the  Blogging for Dummies   edition I bought on how to insert pictures.
(See how I underlined the title of the book I just referenced, that’s from my teacher days.) So I plan on getting right on that when I return form Spring Break with my guys. Or once again I can beg any readers out there to impart their wisdom on how to do bloggy things like that in the comments section. I would be forever grateful!
That’s all for now~
Have a good one~
PSA of the day
*Owning a book is not enough to transfer the knowledge it holds to the owner – You have to read it!*


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