July 30, 2010

UPS lately it stands for Unbelievably Poor Service

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I haven’t always loathed UPS. I was, until we moved to our current home 5+ years ago, one of their biggest fans. One summer while I was dating my husband-to-be I even had dreams of being a(n?) UPS driver’s wife, but after spending 6 weeks in the summer heat loading trucks and sweating so much as to actually soak through his socks and steel toed boots, my future husband was only too happy to be let go and that dream fizzled right along with my need for nose plugs.

Up until our current UPS driver I have always had excellent drivers.  At places I worked and at home, the arrival of the UPS person was always something I looked forward to.  During my ebay shopping addiction days, the UPS lady and I became good friends during the frequent quick exchanges we shared on a regular basis.  I would have cold water bottles for her in the summer and she would peruse my yard sale treasures and always found something she would put aside and come back for on her own time.  I had thought a bum one didn’t/couldn’t exist.  Then we moved and though I tearfully said goodbye to our UPS lady I was positive a new UPS driver friendship was in my future.  Not even close.

Our present UPS driver is a jerk and a half.  I have always wondered if part of the requirements to being a driver is to be attractive.  Up until the move, every driver I saw was at least a 7 and the whole phenomenon reminded me of the past requirements to be a stewardess back in the 70’s.  Part of the ‘beauty’ of past UPS driver’s was a charming personality to go with the easy on the eyes appearance.  If you want to know how good looking my present driver is just ask him; he is an arrogant, sarcastic prick whom I have never seen smile, despite my initial best efforts to be pleasant during our exchanges.

The first inkling that this was not a typical driver was that packages would appear on the doorstep without the accompanying  ringing of the doorbell.  I found this very confusing since every other UPS driver had always rang the bell when they left the package  even if  they didn’t need to stay for a signature.  I live in a safe neighborhood and a package left is not a problem but I am a polite person by nature.  The past routine would be that as the driver got back to their truck, I would be getting the package from the porch and we would exchange waves as I shouted my thanks. Warm, fuzzy feelings for everyone.

Okay, so this “God’s gift to women” couldn’t be put upon to ring the bell as he bent to leave the package.  Not a problem, really, until it became one.  For instance, delivering medication that boldly states it is heat sensitive, not on the shaded porch, but in the blazing July sun on the blacktop driveway, on top of a large, ‘heavier than usual but I could lift it’ package, which I can only assume means he didn’t want to lug it the rest of the 20 feet to the front porch as he has never left heavy packages anywhere other than the front porch before.  Strike one.

Strikes two through seven came over the next year, when UPS (underperforming shithead) would leave packages for other people on my porch.  This problem could have been immediatley rectified had he seen fit to ring the bell when leaving packages.  I am sure you can follow the logic here, that a few of these times I would have been surprised to see a package since I was not expecting any, check the label to see if my husband had ordered something nice for me (or more likely someelectronic gizmothing nice for himself) and when seeing an unfamiliar name and address, begin frantically waving and calling for Adonis to return and see what all the commotion was.  For that scenario to work, or excuse me, for him to actually do his job correctly he would have to ring the bell.

I called UPs after the 5th or 6th incorrect delivery,  in about as many months, and relayed what was becoming a trend and how I didn’t appreciate being flagged as designated package deliverer for the block and was told to call when it happens and they would send him back to pick up and deliver it to the correct house.  I explained to someone at my local office I didn’t think that would go over so well and upon learning whose route I was on they agreed with me that he had attitude problems and they were sorry for the inconvenience.  As a reward for my patience and delivery of neighbors’ packages they sent me 10 next day air labels to be used free of charge.

Wow, that should be the happy ending  to a really long, possibly boring story but it gets better.  I have used said labels 5 times, 3 times with  little problem and twice where, after explaining at my local official UPS center the story, I later received a bill in the mail for the  shipment after being assured that UPS would be using their own account to send the package and no billing would be incurred.As a result I have now learned how efficient the home and local offices are, which reads; let’s play send the customer ping ponging between local and home call centers each one stating the other is responsible for clearing the account.  I have left out a lot of the irritating details because even I am bored with this tome by now but suffice to say the saga continues because of course the manager who can wave his magic wand and clear up this mess is on vacation until Monday.  I won’t hold my breath in anticipation of his call, even though if you,ve read this far you might be wishing for my demise and wondering how to get the time back you spent reading this.

I will  promise to post a much briefer update and maybe by then I will have figured out how to add a picture to brreak up the expanse of words.  Yeah, probably not, but a girl can get hopes up, if nothing else.

Oh yeah and I did find out UPS drivers ARE supposed to ring the bell when they leave a package unless something is posted asking them not to.  But that continuing saga I’ll save for another time, your welcome.


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  1. kim said,

    I clicked over and found your site – had to comment on this one. We don’t have a regular driver. I’ve ordered many Christmas presents in the past few months that were delivered by them and almost every time I have seen a different driver. Top 3 deliveries: One guy left my package on my back porch (where my dog chewed the corners of the box). Another put a 32″tv upside down on my front porch, and covered it with my door mat. The biggest pain? When the driver stopped walking to my door about halfway up my lawn, THREW my packages and hit my door with them. Luckily they were not breakable, but it scratched paint off my door! Aaarg so frustrating!

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