June 6, 2010

Connecting the dots… …across time

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So today wasn’t going to be just another ordinary Sunday anyway.  Today we are celebrating my youngest’s middle school promotion (they say promotion, I say graduation) and making his Confirmation with a family dinner at a local peanuts on the floor pub.  Waking up this morning I was looking forward to a fun day and I am hoping to squeeze in a pedicure, so the day just keeps getting better!  So I mosey downstairs trying to think up a new healthy, organic protein rich breakfast for myself because for the past 3 weeks I have been on a cleansing diet.  I am trying and it appears succeeding at making my gut healthy, getting rid of toxins so that in turn I can get rid of my colitis (check) clear up my skin (still waiting) lose weight (10 lbs in 3 weeks) and experience a plethora of additional benefits (read as: I can’t remember them right now)

So how does this connect any dots you are wondering and please note I appreciate that you have ventured into the second paragraph and so I will begin the connecting.  In my quest for something other than a fruit smoothie enriched with healthy stuffs (had one every single am for the past 3 weeks) or an omelet with organic eggs (tends to be my go-to meal when I haven’t planned something else which as I am getting the hang of how much time prep healthy eating takes is waaaay too often)  I looked up vegan breakfasts for some ideas and found a video recipe for blueberry smoothies (cause that is so different from a fruit one doncha ya know!).  Spoiler alert the dot connecting is fast approaching… so this guy is extolling the virtues of flax seeds and says Gandhi wanted everyone to eat them and some healthy eating guru said if you only do 1 thing top make your diet healthier add 2 tablespoons of flax seeds to your diet everyday (about now I am feeling really good about my decision to eat healthier, thanks for the ego boost smoothie video recipe guy) and then svr guy says that lignan is what makes flax so special it is a powerful antioxidant and he jumps (or perhaps has smooth segues from that idea to this next one but I have forgotten them in my haste to make this post) to how women with frequent bladder infections have a higher incidence of breast cancer later in life and the researchers figured out that being on dose after dose of antibiotics wrecked the good bacteria in the women’s guts and so cancer was not fought off but allowed to flourish.  ***

Dot #1  as a small child between the ages of 2 and 4 I was on tetracycline almost constantly for strep throat until I had my tonsils out at 4.  My sisters outgrew their childhood allergies, I did not.  My colitis first started at  14 or 15 and about every 10 years since I have had a flare up.  So here is my dot #2  Now at 45 (practically) I am finally replenishing my weakened or perhaps entirely obliterated gut flora to its healthiest state ever!  I am now so excited and rejuvenated by my chance finding of that smidgen of research that a fruit smoothie (with spinach and FLAX SEED OIL high in LIGNAN) seems like the perfect way to start my day today and every single day hence. 

Oprah has her ‘aha” moments, I have my dots connected by the internet.  I’ll take it anyway I can get it.

Until the next time,

*** I completely appreciate that some people will not believe in alternative medicine’s research and claims of being able to prevent and cure cancer.  Please respect my right to believe them when commenting.

P S … I am very sucky new at blog writing and am ever so jealous of bloggers who can link and tag and post pictures.  Any help fellow bloggers can offer would be most appreciated, esp. in the area of having a list of blogs I follow on a sidebar.  I so want to be part of some of the blog cliques mobs gangs families I have been reading for years.  To give you an example of the level of blog iq you are dealing with: what is an RSS?, how do I find out mine?, do I even have one?, is it anything like an STD? I don’t have one of those nor do I want one, just for the record.   Please stop shaking your head in disbelief and help a newbie (I Hate that word) out.  Thanks!


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