February 17, 2010

Happiness is sharing one meal

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It really doesn’t take  much to make me happy.  I have 2 boys, young men really (16 and 13) and when they were young I thought nothing of making 2 different dinners.  One for the adults and one for the kids.  In recent years it has declined into 3 different dinners as the youngest is a very finicky eater with cheese, breaded chicken and processed meat being his 3 major food groups and the oldest deciding he can’t stand chicken in any form.  Wednesdays my father in law joins us for dinner and I usually try to incorporate something for everyone into the menu so that it appears we all eat the same meal, but in truth none of the adults have mac n cheese and three different main entrees is not the norm, I know.  Anyway yesterday I woke up not being able to see, I am in the midst of an allergic reaction of epic proportions.  Since my appearing in public would scare not only children but weak stomached adults, I was lucky to be able to make a dinner from what I already had at home, 3 kinds of ravioli, 2 kinds of sauce, mozzarella and garlic chicken sausages, asparagus, corn and pineapples. ( The pineapples were to make up for not having a salad)  As I started fixing the meal and timing everything out to be done at the same time (why do I feel like a rocket scientist when I actually manage to do this ?) I realized that the boys most likely would want none of this except for the pineapples and the corn (by parental force –  it is one of the few vegetables both boys will eat) and I figured we would resort to the increasingly popular dinner time solution: If you don’t like what I made, make something for yourself.  ( I am working up a proposal for my book on lazy parenting later today). 

We all sat down to dinner and the serving dishes were passed around the table, the youngest was reminded to take some corn,  pleasant conversation (if you enjoy discussing politics, the world history with emphasis on war or the weather with 4 men) was made. The boys finished and thanked me for the meal as they took their leave to go back to computer and/or video games (homework anyone…anyone?) and that is when I realized that the unimaginable had occurred.  Without complaining, my sons had just had the same meal, with no extra kiddie courses, no side trips to the pantry for a side serving of Doritos or goldfish crackers or the fridge for slices of cheese or my oldest’s infamous sandwiches that are mostly bread and cheese with lettuce (yeah!) and one thinly sliced piece of meat, that the adults did.  And we all lived to tell about it!  So I just did!

 And as luck would have it my face blew up this morning almost as much as it did yesterday, so possibly the pity angle will make for another pleasant dinner tonight.  Here’s hoping there is some benefit to be gleaned from this disfigurement!


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